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Girls at a very young age, dream about their wedding day and how wonderful it will be. They want the fantasy and romance of that special day to be perfect. They want to feel beautiful and pampered, not stressed out and frazzled. Putting together the perfect wedding takes months of investigation and preparation, not to mention the many overwhelming decisions that need to be made. (Did you know the average couple shops anywhere from 15-30 different places to put together a wedding?--Sounds exhausting!) Weddings today are a big investment, and should be planned wisely. How many people today can devote the kind of time and energy or have the knowledge and connections it takes to make everything perfect? Unfortunately, not too many!
That is where a consultant comes in. Professional wedding consultants are experts in preparing for weddings. They know the best places for receptions, the best caters, the best musicians, florists, photographers, etc. They know that people have different desires, likes, dislikes, and customs, and can better match their clients with the appropriate vendors and services. They have the knowledge and connections that are needed to make a beautiful wedding possible. In many cases, a consultant can even save their clients money because they know how to better negotiate a deal. Consultants are also, many times, given discounts or special offers from vendors for repeat business. The consultants are then able to pass these savings on to their client.
Of course, time is another big issue. The amount of time a wedding consultant can save a couple and their families is amazing. As mentioned above, they already know who are the most reliable and desired vendors. They did the research and the legwork many times over. They know the questions to ask, what works and what doesn't, what prices are reasonable for what service or product, etc. Unless you know somebody in the business, you are left to blindly look through the yellow pages in hopes you will find what you are looking for.

A wedding consultant is there for you from beginning to end. They make sure everything goes smooth, and helps to make your wedding day a wonderful experience for all involved. They are there to make sure all your dreams for your special day come true !